Remembering our Grandma Rosy

Today marks one year since we said goodbye to our dear Grandma Rosy and she was welcomed into the arms of Jesus. This year has been challenging, beautiful, confusing, and full of sweet moments remembering her. Although holidays and special occasions came with a strong feeling that something was missing, our family continued to grow and point each other towards Christ as Grandma would do. We welcomed four sweet babies into the family (Oliver, Rosemary, Kayla & Theodore) and in just two short weeks we will welcome Per Øystein as Bryna’s husband… I cant even begin to imagine the joy this union would have brought Grandma Rosy. I know if she could attend the wedding she would have proudly wore her bunad and soaked up every bit of the Norwegian tradition while praising the Lord for the answer to many years of prayer.

There have been so many moments when I wanted to pick up the phone or send an email asking her opinion, advice, or for a few good verses. I didn’t know how much I relied on her until she was no longer there.  In this past year of reflecting on her life I have felt increasingly honored to have been in her life and that I got to call her Grandma Rosy (as so many people did). She was and is a gift.

Even though we miss her physical presence, I continue to see her in our family traditions, Papa’s sweet hugs, beautiful gardens, glad surprises, my recipe box, and a million memories that fill my thoughts. Thank goodness she wrote things down, because it is through her own words that she continues to bless our lives and relationships with God.

Here is the link to her memorial service if you want to reflect or have a good cry: link


We miss you Grandma Rosy.



  • Ann Van Gilder

    Oh how I have missed her, too. I know there are many, many people who are not family members who can say that each and every day. No, she is not forgotten! Thank you for continuing to post her thoughts and for this little update on family! It means so much to rejoice with you!