I Am Special

Because of:   Psalm 139:4           I may boldly say:       I am Uniquely Designed 

Jeremiah 31:3                                              I am deeply Loved

I John 3:1                                                      I am a Person of Value

Phil. 1:6                                                         I am a Person in Process

Jeremiah 9:24                                              I am Designed for a Purpose

I Peter 5:7                                                      I am Under God’s Constant Care

Eph.1:4-5                                                       I am Fully Known yet Fully Accepted

Isaiah 43:21                                                  I am Given an Assignment 

Psalms 55:22                                                 I am Continually Sustained

Joshua 1:9                                                     I am Accompanied by God

Deut. 7:6                                                        I am Someone Very Special 

I Peter 1:18-19                                               I am God’s Redeemed Child

John 15:16                                                      I am God’s Responsibility

Jesus, I like who I am because it was your idea.

Help me to find adventure in my uniqueness, and not want to be who someone else is.

God, if I lose sight of the fun of being me, then your dreams of what I can be in the world die.

Always help me to remember that this is your way of being creative.