Everybody has a “person”, someone they turn to with questions, concerns, or when needing advice. Having a “person” can be very helpful as you make life transitions, doubt the future, or if you are just looking for good company. A “person” may also know you well enough to speak truth into your life, and give you a much needed push in the right direction. Having a “person” can be one of the greatest blessings from the Lord as we strive to live in communion with Him.

My “person” is Grandma Rosy. The funny thing is… she is also a million other people’s “person”. Throughout my life she has endlessly encouraged, loved, held, prayer for, cherished, and enjoyed me. It didn’t matter if I was an anxious child, awkward teenager, or impatient young adult, she was present every step of the way. And I know she has done the exact same thing for hundreds, if not thousands of people. Throughout the years, if I was struggling with something, Grandma Rosy always had a verse or word of encouragement that fit perfectly with my concern. And it wouldn’t just be one verse. I would be a whole list of verses and a bible study on the topic as well! No words can describe what a blessing these little encouragements have been to me.

I’m not sure why it took me so long, but I recently realized that Grandma Rosy is a treasure-trove of thoughts, wisdom, and studies on Biblical topics. After requesting to see some of her studies and notes, I received countless pages of meticulous notes, thoughtful reflections, and meaningful guides on walking with the Lord. So instead of keeping this treasure-trove to myself, I thought I would share it so that Christ can continue to work through Grandma Rosy and through the work He has done in her life.

The following posts will be filled with thoughts, wisdom, and encouragement from Grandma Rosy with a few extra additions here and there. I hope you find each post to be a Glad Surprise and guide for living fully into God’s calling for our lives.


Rosemary’s Granddaughter