Glad Surprise

From God at Eventide November 20th Watchful Expectancy

“Can a life be dull or dreary when always there is that watchful expectancy, always that anticipation of GLAD SURPRISE, always wonder of fulfillment, joy of supply?”

From God Calling March 7th Surprises

“I loved to prepare a feast for them by the lakeside- A LITTLE GLAD SURPRISE- not a necessity, as the feeding of the multitude may have seemed. I love to give the wine-gift at the marriage feast.”

From God Calling October 28th Glad Surprises

“Bow as a child bows in anticipation of a “glad surprise” being prepared for him by the one who loves him. Bow in such a way, just waiting to hear the loving words to raise your head, and see the glory and joy and wonder of your surprise.”

From God at Eventide August 10th Glad Surprise

“Live so near to me that you may never miss the opportunity  of being used by Me….. So be very near to Me, and you cannot fail to be much used….. Remember that Love is the Great Interpreter, so that those who love you and are near to you are the ones you can help the most. Do not pass them by for others, though your influence and helpfulness will gradually spread, in an ever-widening circle. You will live in a spirit of GLAD SURPRISE.”

I use the devotional books God at Eventide and God Calling each day, along with Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.

Dick and I were in Bergen, Norway on March 7th, 1992 and were reading these each day. As we read the one about the Glad Surprise in the God Calling for that day, we were in anticipation of what the Lord had in store for us that day and each day we were in Norway. It was amazing. We were there, sort of on our own for a change, and He planned a Glad Surprise for us each day. When we got home we began living in that anticipation and also using that term a lot. Now it is so fun to just see what Glad Surprise the Lord has in store for us each day. Sort of an extension of Romans 8:28 that all things do work together for good and God can make glad surprises out of days that might not seem like anything special at the beginning.

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