Love from MM “Mama Mentor” – May 2005

The following was sent to Tanea, one of the many women Grandma Rosy has mentored and encouraged over the years…

Sent May 6th 2005

Dear Tanea,

Now I have sent the two letters to I told you about and all that is in the Lord’s hands and we shall forget about it and know he is in control. But I want to talk to you about some other things. I had a very special time with the Lord yesterday in the morning from the Retreat I was a group leader of 6 women. I told them if they would like to try to get up early each morning to have quiet time with the Lord, I would pray for them for 21 days. And Dick would too. Well, 3 of them chose to do this and we have been praying for them and they have been writing back and the Lord has been blessing them.

I don’t know if I told you, but last Tuesday I woke up at 5am and was wide awake and felt so good. My brain was alive and I had energy all day to get ready for Soup and Surprise. The day before I had my list but the Lord brought people my way to talk to and pray for and I didn’t do anything on my list. But when I just said OK Lord, this is your plan and I will roll with it… was a blessed day. I thought for one thing, the Lord gave me that day of energy because I followed his plan on Monday.

I did have energy on Wednesday for Soup and Surprise and prayed that yesterday I would again wake early and have a great day. Well, I didn’t and it was after 6am and I awoke tired. I was also a day of prayer and fasting for us as it was National Day of Prayer for our nation and our pastor challenged us to fast and pray and then all meet at the church at 7pm for a special prayer service. I haven’t been able to fast because of my hypoglycemia, but I tried yesterday with no food, but water, and juice and coffee and did fine. But back to my morning… I felt that I could either have a droopy day or “choose” to have a good one. I could “choose” to exercise and I could “choose” to think about the positive side of things. Years and years ago there was a song that said “You have to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” and that is what I “chose” to do. So as I sat with my yellow pad while praying and prayed that I could have a miracle from my devotion book to share with my ladies. I wrote on the pad “I Can Choose” and prayed something to do with that would be in the book and I could tell the ladies how so often the Lord has met my heart and need through these books, and of course the Bible. But god Calling, God at Eventide, and My Utmost for His Highest are full of notes on the side of what happened on certain days.

Well, first I opened God Calling for May 5th and what was the title of the message…..LET ME CHOOSE. I was so excited and it blew me away. Yes, here I had been saying “I” can choose in all those things, and wanted a word from the Lord. So I was able to tell all that to my 3 ladies. So I did let him choose, but he also chose to have me exercise…. darn it! Smile.

Then on Saturday morning, just before going to the Agros Training Day leaving at 8am, the Lord brought alive scripture to me that has been a blessing. I dont know if I shared that with you either. But in My Utmost for His Highest for that day, a reference to Romans 5:5 was given and as I looked that up my eyes were taken to the other side of the page where some verses had been marked and circled. What was such a blessing to me was Romans 4:19-21 and what popped out was some words circled were in verses 20-21 “No distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith AS he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was ABLE to do what he promised”. I loved that his faith grew strong AS he gave glory to God. He didn’t wait until the miracle happened of the promised baby, but he gave God the glory along the way, and his faith grew. We must give God the glory along the way, not just wait until the miracle happens.

And so with him being fully convinced that God was ABLE. I love that. I learned that years ago regarding healing. I would pray, believing with all my heart that a certain person would be healed and then sometimes they wouldn’t be and passed away. I thought “How can I throw myself into believing and having faith when I know He sometimes does not heal?” Then I realized that I could throw my faith and my belief totally on the fact that yes, God is ABLE. Sometimes He chooses not to heal but is able and I will claim that and believe that.

So with this trip and with your daughter, I know God is ABLE to heal her and I trust and pray for that. What he decides to do is up to him, but I throw myself on the thought that he is ABLE and he loves her more than anything and he is going to care for her.

Well, I think I have rambled on enough. Oh, I need to have you right in this room because I have so much to tell you always and it can be hard to put on paper.

Love you so much,

MM (Grandma Rosy)

  • Tatiana Ceban

    My Dear Mama Mentor (MM),

    This letter from 2005 brought an avalanche of memories about your presence in my life. I can’t count how many letters I have received from you during the last 10 years – all full of love, hope, encouragement, wisdom and fun. I always thought that I am the luckiest person in the world having you as My Mentor, My Friend and My Mom. I still can’t understand how it was possible to have so much of you love and attention, knowing that you have a big family and lots of people to care of – children, grandchildren, etc.

    Thank you my Mama Mentor (MM) for all you’ve done, and for all you are. You have influenced my life in such a positive way words cannot express my appreciation.

    Thank you for this beautiful “glad surprise”!

    With much love,
    your Moldovan daughter,

  • Kjersten Gore

    Oh Mali, this post was so sweet to me! I was one of those three!! Papa and Rosemary prayed fervently for me to get up before my babies and have quiet time! While I am so far from perfect about it, it has been so impactful in my life. It was a special time in my walk because it was the first time a friend’s husband offered to pray for me over something I thought was “trivial” and second it was when I realized how important morning time with the Lord was. We had a follow up lunch after the 21 days to check in (yes it was decorated perfectly) and there I can remember her sharing about how she spends her quiet time. Two things stuck out to me, probably because I have such a busy/wandering mind: 1. Keep a paper by you to write down wandering thoughts and 2. Pray over your schedule and to do’s. The Lord will direct your day. It is true!! That part has given my type A personality so much peace when plans change since being a mom! And I have been able to pass along that wisdom to others!

    There are so many ways your Grandma has been influential in the woman I am today as a wife, mom, sister in Christ and lover of Jesus! Thank you for this website. It is a way to hear her voice through the words. While we temporarily will miss her smiles and hugs on earth we hold on to the vision of the finish line where we are all together for eternity!

    Blessings to you all, Kjersten